Bilgiç Kalıp Ltd. is one of the leading companies for passenger seat accessories industry based in Bursa - Turkey.

We manufacture passenger seat accessories for city service bus, rail, coaches, vans, trolley buses, trams and trains, and continue to lead the industry with our reliability, quality and customer satisfaction. Since its establishment in 1997 Bilgiç Kalıp has operated with continuous development and has gained a positive reputation for its quality and reliability.

We provide a complete service starting with design development in R&D department to designing and manufacturing molds and other tools in our in-house mouldshop. Then we create prototypes and İnjection production takes place at our machines, which ranges in size and strength. Quality checks and measures are carried out. Once the high and universally accepted standards have to been reached, we ensure our products are delivered ‘JIT’ to our customers.

We work with high technology to produce robust, ergonomic and creative designs using our year’s worth of experience to produce top quality plastic products ranging from armrest, plastic seats, snack trays, footrests, backrests, handles, trim parts, service sets, magazine nets, city bus handle wraps and emergency hammers. Our robotic and automatic production enables us to achieve high precision when manufacturing plastic seat accessories.

Our mission is to satisfy customers with both our innovative seating products, and our high quality customer service. Production at Bilgiç Kalıp is based on the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Standard. Bilgiç Kalıp is also an advocate for personal growth of employees and ensures regular training and social activities are carried out to gain the most accomplished and skilled work team.

Our consistent growth and short lead time has allowed us to break local market boundaries and reach out to the international market, allowing us to export to over 20 countries. Bilgiç Kalıp aims to maintain its position in the global market by provıdıng high quality products and exceeding customer service to obtain long-term customer relations.


Meet expectations and demands of customers in the most economical manner and provide innovative style, based on original design when manufacturing plastic products for passenger seats.


Increased response to changing customer demands, follow new technologies closely.
Give back to our employees, customers and the communities to show importance to humanity, environmental values and living standards.
We embrace a clear management structure with open mind set and strive to perform activities to become globally recognized and respected supplier and manufacture.


Constantly evolving the quality system by combining technological developments and follow up reports to assess the current system.
Provide employee training onsite and externally.
Improve our skills and tolerance towards quality system. Ensuring Mutual Total Quality Management among our team.
Ensure customer satisfaction with all our customers.
Implement production methods that will have any hazardous effects on the environment